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Jot down things you need to pack, things you have to get that day, the address of your hostel . Anything you’ll need to remember. It’s great if your backpack has a few little zip pockets for important documents too, so you’ll know where they are. Unclaimed Baggage was started in 1970 by Doyle Owens, a part time insurance salesman in Scottsboro who had a friend working at a bus line in Washington. One day the friend asked if he wanted to buy lost luggage from buses. Four years later, airline luggage was added.

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As the Lunar Module Pilot of the Apollo 11 mission, Aldrin became the second astronaut to walk on the Moon on July 21st, 1969. Aldrin’s first words on the Moon were “Beautiful view. Magnificent desolation.” As a Presbyterian, Aldrin decided to hold a religious ceremony on the Moon, and became the first man to do so..

It’s that the balance of great design and great utility is what made apple impossible to beat as a phone and a laptop, and then there was the fact that they were seamlessly integrated (something apple has still failed to fully exploit their stuff could be mind blowing). and it was useful without any additional accessories and met or exceeded my needs in almost all circumstances. I didn’t need a dongle to present and I didn’t need a cable adapter to charge my phone.

Too long have we toiled beneath the vicious overlords. Too long have the Free Engineers of the University of Waterloo suffered beneath the chains we admittedly chose to wear ourselves. Too long have these peasants stood against us no more. The financial incentives are there, he says. Farmers can sell organic soybeans for twice what they’d get for conventional beans. “This should be almost a no brainer,” Clarkson says.



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